Grew Up: I lived in the south end as a child and actually lived in Tel Aviv, Israel for a year as a 6-year-old. Moved to Everett from the south end in 1978 and have lived around here ever since. Found Calvary Everett in 2008 through my sister Cheryl. Met my wife Mia in 2009 and Pastor Ken Sutton married us in 2011. We have a wonderful bunch of children/stepchildren and a few grandchildren!

For Fun: Love baseball/sports, music, history, end-times study, (light) hiking, views, and road trips with family

Music I Like: Wow - too vast to list; any soulful, singable rock from Christian songs that I can sing out to the LORD, to soft rock like The Carpenters and Bread, to hard rock which I pick from much more carefully now than when I was a kid! Favorite Christian artists are Matt Maher, Paul Baloche, Hillsong, All Sons & Daughters, to name a few.

Favorite Places to Visit: We love the Oregon Coast, the canyon country of Eastern Washington, and road trips across the western US. Would love to go back to the Holy Land, and to explore every region of the wonderful USA.

Secret Indulgence: (foods, sports, etc.) Love good spicy food; Thai, Indian, and Mexican food ... and good ice cream!

Secret Talent: Normally I'd say singing but that's no secret at church (at least it's no secret that I do sing - the "talent" part is up to the LORD!)

Ministry Experience: I've felt called to serve, especially in Worship and looking out for the needs of the Sunday service, as the LORD leads.

Persons of Influence: Many Pastors and leaders have spoken into my life, especially Pastor Ken Sutton who opened my eyes to the reality of the Holy Spirit and God's eternal word, and the value of inviting the LORD into my daily life. Pastor Billy here has taught me so much about the spiritual world, the sovereignty of our God, and what Christ really did for us on the cross. Brian Hardin from the Daily Audio Bible has been essential to my walk. However, I would have never taken any of them seriously without the loving & Godly influence of my mother Glenda, sister Cheryl, and wife Mia.