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Friends of CE

A Ministry of Community   Through the gospel of Jesus Christ we have been reconciled to God and each other, freed to build community on the foundation of Jesus Christ without bias or prejudice.

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Youth Ministry


Fire Youth Church will strive to be refreshed through gathering in an intentional Christ-focused community being renewed by God’s Word and refined by His Spirit seeking to love God more because of His everlasting and unfailing love for us.

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Men's Ministry


Meets together weekly to build on the foundation of God’s Word through practical application to every day life through daily Bible study, prayer, and weekly accountability to continue impacting the world near and far in real meaningful ways as we grow closer to Jesus. For more details visit our Women’s Ministry Page.

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Women's Ministry

20/30 Group

The 20/30 ministry is simple. We study and search the Word, encourage and engage one another, bless not burden one another. Some are established in careers, others just figuring it out as we go. But Jesus is our focus and authenticity is the lane we operate in.

Sage Group

At Calvary Everett we like to see people who are 50 and older have opportunities to live their faith and share wisdom with family and the world around them in love. Join us for an application Bible study at 12:30 on Tuesdays as we learn, share together, and have fun. Our Father God makes beautiful people, and we use our wisdom and faith to help them grow. Bring your lunch and your Bible.