Calvary Chapels in Japan

Japan is one of the largest modern mission fields in the world today. In the past thirty years over twenty Calvary Chapels have been planted in "The Land of the Rising Sun" and are thriving! These churches are continually growing by seeing lives turning from traditional religosity to relationships with Jesus. 


Population & Size

Japan has a population of 127 million. That is 120 million more than all of Washington State. However, Japan is smaller that the states of Washington and Idaho combined.

Need for Christ

In missions, an unreached people group is considered to be where 3% of
the population has not heard the Gospel showing the great need of missions to Japan. There are now over twenty Calvary Chapels in "The Land of the Rising Sun," and these churches are thriving, and continually growing seeing lives turning from traditional religiosity to Jesus!

Interested in attending this mission trip? We are hoping to go in 2020!

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