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   Author: Chuck Smith

   Year of Publication: 1994

   Number of Pages: 175

    Description: With remarkable insight gleaned from his own life, Pastor Chuck Smith unfolds the mystery of grace and reveals a suprising truth: we can never grow in grace by our own efforts. True grace flows from the heart of the Father through the love of Jesus Christ. God's undesserving love shows His tremendous grace for you, and is truly what makes life worth living.

   Author: Bruce Olson

   Year of Publication: 1978

   Number of Pages: 224

    Description: Bruchko follows the missionar journey of Bruce Olson in his ministry to the South American jungles. It is full of his near life and death experiences, and in the midst of his doubts, and lack of support, Bruce Olson remains faithful to God's calling resulting in Him witnessing God do the miraculous: save sinners.

   Author: Matt Redmond

   Year of Publication: 2004

   Number of Pages: 112

   Description: Facedown focusses on the attitude, practicalities, purposes, and means of worship. This book lives up to one of Matt Redmond's greatest songs by digging deaper into the concept of "The Heart of Worship."

   Author: Lesslie Newbigin

   Year of Publication: 1989

   Number of Pages: 264

    Description: This theological book focuses on how the Gospel affects a society where all views are considered to carry the same weight, and God's Word is truth combating relativism.

   Author: C.S. Lewis

   Year of Publication: 1945

   Number of Pages: 118

    Description: This deeply theological book focuses on an allegorical story of life after death revealing the heart and motivations of man.

   Author: Zack Eswine

   Year of Publication: 2015

   Number of Pages: 272

    Description: The reality of pastoral ministry, and the importance of faithfulness in following Jesus daily are clearly laid out in an honest and practical manor in Zack Eswine's book "The Imperfect Pastor."