Paul Edwards- Assistant Pastor


Paul and Amanda Edwards have been married since 1998 and have 5 kids:  Samuel, Elijah, Isaiah, Zachary, and Josiah.  Paul and Amanda were both born in Texas and their parents and grandparents have lived in Texas for many years.


Up until December of 2013, the Edwards family lived in Huffman and attended church at Humble Area's First Baptist Church (HAFBC) where Paul was a deacon and teacher and Amanda was a lifegroup leader.  Paul was associate principal of Summer Creek High School in Humble ISD while Amanda continued in her role as homemaker, frequently organizing and participating in get-togethers for women in the area.


The Lord called the Edwards family to Washington in July of 2013 when they visited the Seattle area on a mission trip with HAFBC.  As it turns out, Jesus had wanted them there for a while and had been preparing their family for the journey for many years.  In October, Paul was offered a job in the Everett school district in the city of Everett.  The Edwards had prayed that the Lord would provide a job and would select it for them in any city that He wanted, so when Paul got the offer of a job they knew Jesus was in it and immediately put their house up for sale and began packing.  The family left in December just before Christmas and headed to the Northwest in their car.


Since moving to Everett the Edwards became involved with a small church plant in Everett that worked with an apartment complex containing many people who do not know Jesus.  Paul has become a regular preacher and teacher in this church and Amanda has organized the women’s ministry. 

While the work in this church has really taken off, Paul and Amanda feel that the Lord is calling them to plant a church in their neighborhood in north Everett, which is a location in the middle of the city.  There are many homeless in the area and many families who are hurting.  Most of their neighbors do not have a relationship with Jesus, so the Edwards worked to do events like block parties in their neighborhood that will bring neighbors out and hopefully get them involved in small group Bible study together.  The church plant eventually had to close, yet the Lord was using even that time to prepare the Edwards for their next steps in ministry.


Paul currently is an elementary principal in Everett Public Schools and Amanda serves as a volunteer and substitute teacher in the school system.


The family enjoys playing games together (football, baseball, basketball...anything with a ball), hiking, and camping.


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