Tucker Boettcher- Youth Pastor


                Tucker Boettcher has had a heart for youth, and youth ministry since 2009. The steps he has taken that has led him to where he is today has been a whirlwind of events but all of them center on his passion for the Lord and passion for youth. The beginning of these events start with family.

                Tucker grew up in the shadow of Mount Rainier on a cattle ranch that has been in his family since the 1890’s in the small town of Alder in the Evergreen State of Washington. His family has had a grounded belief in Christianity throughout this time, and this heritage has had a great impact on the growth of his own passion for a personal relationship with Jesus the Christ. This impact manifested itself through the teaching and example his parents Seth and Wendy Boettcher. The stories they told about his forefathers’ faith and the situations God took them through encouraged him to make it through hard-pressing circumstances in his life, but nothing strengthened Tucker’s faith as much as parents teaching the truths of the Gospel of the life by faith through grace. This reliance upon the Lord taught Tucker to rely upon the Lord through the trials of life such as the deaths of friends and family, his father breaking his back, near death experiences, and all the uncertainties of life that are so common.  Tucker’s family built each other up in their faith in a small church called Alder Presbyterian where half of the congregation was made of Tucker’s immediate family as well as his many aunts, uncles, and cousins. This is where Tucker had his roots in his personal walk with the Lord, but these roots did not show immense growth until the time of his youth.

                When Tucker was in middle school he responded to the Lord’s call to the heart of the Gospel in taking the faith that he professed to begin to manifest itself in a more genuine and practical way. It was at this point in time that Tucker rededicated his life to the Lord through the youth group that he was going to pastored by Ty Newton. He then began to get involved in this youth group through the occasional preaching and leading of small groups. This first year of recommitment led into a very large part of Tucker’s life. Camp.
                The Salvation Army Camp Arnold is a summer camp between the outskirts of Eatonville and Puyallup, Washington. It was here where Tucker’s desire for kids and youth ministry truly began to grow and he has spent a total of six years serving there as a large variety of positions such as maintenance, counselor in training, program aid, counselor, recreation director, and program director. Throughout out these years Tucker’s passions for youth ministry and the Lord continued to grow.

                Throughout this time period of camp ministry Tucker started a youth group where he co-youth pastored with Jeff Olive in the city of Tacoma. Tucker served this youth group for four years, and was the Chaplain (Spiritual Emphasis Leader) for Tacoma Baptist School for two years, as well as working with his family business Boettcher and Sons Logging and Construction for two years. After this season of life, Tucker returned to school at Calvary Chapel Bible College Seattle where he also began attending and interning at Calvary Everett in the fall of 2015. After interning and being involved with the youth for a year, Tucker became the Youth Pastor of Calvary Everett. Tucker is also involved with Wyldlife in Everett, and graduated from Calvary Chapel Bible College Seattle in the spring of 2017.

                Tucker is currently enjoying the ministries in which God has placed him, and is celebrating becoming an uncle for the first time!

                He enjoys hiking, backpacking, rock-climbing, skiing, preaching the word, being involved in camp ministry, and pointing kids to the saving grace of Jesus.

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